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Train more effectively with the adidas micoach speed_cell (bluetooth)

These days, you need to train harder and smarter. Analyze your game better with the adidas miCoach speed cell. The Speed_Cell helps you view your soccer play in a new light. See the peaks and valleys of your performance and find out where you need to improve.

miCoach is a platform of devices and software that take performance monitoring technology to the next level. Analyze your game so you can become the best player you can be. With the miCoach bluetooth device in your soccer cleats, you can see the difference in your game, training, or pick up soccer outings. The best soccer players in the world dig deep to find the perfect training methods for their game.

It collects your movement and cardio data during training or competition and helps you build a training plan specific to your sport and your goals - even offering audible coaching in real time. In addition, miCoach lets you sync, share and compare your data online – wherever you are. So when you’re on your game, you can let the world know, right from the pitch. It's your personal coach!

The Adidas miCoach SPEED_CELL is compatible with certain shoes, including the Predator LZ built to control the game, NitroCharge to engergize your feet, F50 adizero for blazing speed, and the ever so comfortable Adidas adiPURE 11 Pro. Find your pair today and start developing your game.

Featuring Bluetooth technology, you no longer have to plug the miCoach into your phone or computer. Just pair the device, play your best, and view your results.

Track your top speed, distance covered, and more to unlock the secrets of your game