!-- Begin GoDataFeed Order Tracking Code -->
<script type='text/javascript' data-cfasync='false'>
// IMPORTANT NOTE: Items in brackets must be replaced with actual values. Don't forget to remove the brackets too.
// Loop through each product in the order and call GoDataFeedAnalytics.TrackOrderItem(...) as shown below.
GoDataFeedAnalytics.TrackOrderItem('OrderDetails[i][2]', 'OrderDetails[i][5]', 'OrderDetails[i][6]');
// Track the new order with the order number, the grand total, sub total, taxes and shipping costs.
GoDataFeedAnalytics.TrackNewOrder('Order[0]', 'Order[2]', 'Order[3]', 'Order[4]', 'Order[5]');
// Track the visit.
GoDataFeedAnalytics.Init(1913, 30);
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