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Trusox Soccer Socks

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Never slide in your shoes with Trusox Soccer Socks

Trusox were developed to help your feet and your soccer shoes work in perfect harmony. By adding non-slip applications to the inside of the sock, your foot does not slip. There are non-slip applications on the outside of the sock to contact the shoes, so your sock does not slip in the shoes. Therefore allowing your feet, soccer socks, and shoes to work together for better stability. TruSox soccer socks have been seen on many professionals, players who realize that locking the foot to the shoes will help you be the best player you can be, Whether you play indoor soccer, on a turf field, or on a firm ground field, the Trusox will connect you with your shoe to help with acceleration, agility, and comfort. Coming in two thicknesses, thin and cushion, the Trusox will give you just what you are looking for.

Get your pair of Trusox and feel the difference.
Get your Trusox soccer socks to help your feet work with your soccer boots to let you play faster, turn quicker, and accelerate faster.